Thursday, May 17, 2007

983. Bill poster's hammer or advertising hammer, the clip near the head holds a tack and the lower clip holds an advertising card, the long handle allows the card to be posted high above normal reach, so it can't be stolen.

Take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on the use of this hammer. From Jim Brown's collection.

984. Knee vise, placed on the leg when sitting, a string goes from one eyelet down under the foot and back up to the other eyelet, the vise can then be closed by flexing the foot.

985. A Coupe Marc Axe, used at a vineyard for cutting up what is left in a press.

986. Tape measure puller, for when pulling a very long tape measure, also used to keep a steel surveyor's tape drawn tight.

From Stan's collection.

987. Swage block, used by a metal worker to make round or square rods.

987a. Fisher humane chicken killer, patent number 2,081,229.

988. A whiskey barrel gauge, in some regions it is called a "Wanting Gauge" or "Wanting Rule". It is used to measure the amount of whiskey or wine needed to fill the barrel, in other words, the amount that that barrel "wants" to be completely filled.

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